Starting from the tradition of a well-established installation company, we develop towards the future.

As a general contractor for installations, IAMSAT muntenia specializes in all categories of installations: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security systems and automation.

Whether stadiums, residential complexes, office buildings or heritage buildings - IAMSAT muntenia executes all types of projects.

Vision & Mission

We offer

  • extensive services
  • timely completion
  • best price

and thus we help our customers to be successful!



Part of the German weisenburger group



The company changed its name in IAMSAT muntenia S.A.



Muntenia Branch became an independent company, separating from IMSAT (IMSAT Muntenia S.A.)



The company changed its name in IMSAT



IMIA was established


About us

In terms of execution capacity, the company has approximately 120 skilled installers and workers, as well as 20 project managers. With this number of employees, IAMSAT muntenia is one of the largest companies with this profile at national level.


Our specialists are authorized ANRE, ISCIR, M.A.I - I.G.S.U., AFER, ANIF etc.